My role isn’t to appease, or to win a popularity contest, it’s to awaken. I am here to stir, to challenge, to ignite.

I’m a strategist with a knack for seeing beyond the obvious. The essence of my work is to challenge, to provoke thought, and to drive change. I dissect complex emotional landscapes in real-time, offering guidance on messaging and strategy for public relations and campaigns. My voice is distinct and unapologetic, this is my commitment to authenticity. I brings fervor into every path I embark upon. My style is not for those who are content with a status quo, … I’m here to stir the pot, not to whisper comforts. I align with companies open to this unconventional approach to transformation, where passion meets strategy and words provoke thoughts to incite action.

Despite my background as an art director, my role lies in ideation and strategy. I lay down the strategic framework of the campaign, leaving the execution and breathing life into the visuals to the specialists. Behind the scenes, I tackle the necessary ‘bureaucracies,’ piecing together the essence of the campaign and its targets for the blueprint.

Monica LaFonte