• No More my Husband, My Wife

    No More my Husband, My Wife

    Time to put and end to the terms husband and wife in our legal system While we’re sensitive…

  • Dollars Over Clean Air

    Dollars Over Clean Air

    #ArlingtonVA This is a classic case of development at what cost? It stinks to the high heaven! Air…

  • Genome Blackmail

    Genome Blackmail

    A New Threat.There’s a new kingpin, and he’s after your genetic code. #AI Capone’s got nothing on this…

  • Policy Sinkholes

    The only thing clear in all this Trump story is Trump, the master of chaos, has revealed a…

  • Campaign Misinformation

    Campaign Misinformation

    Will the cost of counteracting these distortions fall on our shoulders as taxpayers or will the candidate bear…

  • An Outdated Rulebook

    An Outdated Rulebook

    Big wigs, buckle shoes, and all. Imagine today’s leaders in big wigs and buckled shoes, strutting on the…

  • Paradox of 2020

    Paradox of 2020

    Nearly half the country was in a mental fog. Should we reconsider the validity to the 2020 presidential…