The only thing clear in all this Trump story is Trump, the master of chaos, has revealed a deliberate design flaw.


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The Theater of the absurd.

If this ‘machine’ can’t silence one ‘loudmouth’, how’s it supposed to govern millions?

Call them what they are: gaps, holes, policy sinkholes where vagueness rules. They’re not bugs in the system! This goes beyond just questioning the critic or the rules, it’s questioning the whole damn stage set-up.

Trump indictments. The narrative reveals the existence of “loose parts” within the system. Trump highlights these gray areas that are open to interpretation and exploitation.

“Consider a scenario where ‘someone’ attempts to highlight the flaws in the U.S. political system. Various entities strive to silence this individual, digging through laws and regulations to halt the dissemination of potentially disruptive information. Interestingly, the system is unable to entirely suppress this person’s activities.”

Is it possible for this ambiguity in the system to be exploited, which puts all the pillars of governance in a bad light? Further complicating the discourse on the effectiveness and intentions of the system.

If the system can’t handle one dissenter, how effective is it really? 

Amendments? They are just band-aids for bullet wounds, nothing more.

We’re navigating 21st-century storms with 18th-century maps.

The contrast is laughable. A few amendments and you think this Constitution - the framework we’re supposed to rely on  will keep this nation afloat? Cute. Let’s break down reality.

Since its drafting, we’ve seen monumental shifts. AI now diagnoses diseases, CRISPR edits genes, and Bitcoin’s a household name. Don’t kid yourself, we are clinging to a Constitution penned when your farm was your Facebook. Let’s do some farm work, this ain’t sustainable!