The only thing clear in all this Trump story is Trump, the master of chaos, has revealed ‘designs flaws’.


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Trump indictments. If the system struggles to assert control over one high-profile individual, it raises questions about its capacity to effectively govern millions. This isn’t about one person or even one issue. It’s about recognizing that if someone can play table tennis with the meatballs without getting kicked out of the restaurant, then maybe, just maybe, the kitchen needs a serious health inspection.

Trump’s case becomes a litmus test for the robustness of political and legal frameworks, where the real critique isn’t necessarily against an individual but against the ‘stage setup’ of governance. Call them what they are: gaps, holes, policy sinkholes where vagueness rules. They’re not bugs in the system! Trump highlighted the existence of gray areas that are open to interpretation and exploitation. This goes beyond just questioning the critic or the rules, it’s questioning the whole damn stage set-up.

Consider a scenario where ‘someone’ attempts to highlight the flaws in the U.S. political system. Various entities strive to silence this individual, digging through laws and regulations to halt the dissemination of potentially disruptive information. Despite these efforts, they can’t completely suppress this person’s voice. This situation inadvertently highlights the system’s fragility, revealing the absurdity of trying to address deep structural issues with superficial fixes, like patching holes with sticky tape.

Is it possible for this ambiguity in the system to be exploited, which puts all the pillars of governance in a bad light? Further complicating the discourse on the effectiveness and intentions of the system.

If the system can’t handle one dissenter, how effective is it really? 


We’re navigating 21st-century storms with 18th-century maps.

A few amendments and you think this Constitution - the framework we’re supposed to rely on  will keep this nation afloat? Cute.

We are clinging to a Constitution penned when your farm was your Facebook. “Don’t get me started on this farm analogy!” …Our Constitution, bless its heart, was crafted in an era where your social network was your actual neighbor, and ‘viral’ meant something needed curing, not sharing. Fast forward to today, and we’re left trying to apply these farmhand principles to a digital empire.

The bottom line? Let’s do some farm work, this ain’t sustainable!