Mask or No Mask? A Puzzle! To Vote or Not? Clear as Day.

😎The Missing Checkbox on the Ballots ✔️


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Year 2020, COVID-19 crisis at its peak. The entire world was brought to its knees by this deadly pandemic.

Look back, do you remember all the stories? We couldn’t even figure out whether to wear masks or even where to put it, …nose, mouth, or drink bleach. We went crazy over 🧻 paper, not understanding that if we didn’t have food, we didn’t need ‘paper’. This clearly shows that our priorities were in a fucking mess, and yet, for some absurd reason, we think our decision on who to designate as president in 2020 was legitimate. But seriously, were we all just batshit crazy?

According to a study, 45% of Americans felt the COVID-19 crisis was harming their mental health. Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can lead to fear, changes in sleep or eating patterns, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, which can in turn harm people’s mental health. With nearly half the country mentally off-kilter, should we consider the 2020 presidential vote to be sound and valid?

Ah, but of course, we were all in an ideal state of mind to make one of the most critical decisions for our country. “It’s not like emotions could possibly affect our decision-making or anything. Everything was just peachy keen”.

“I attest to mental clarity amid COVID-19.”

😎The Missing Checkbox on the Ballots ✔️

In contexts requiring assessments or tests, undisclosed factors significantly impacting results compromise the test’s validity. By this logic, does the lack of a voter mental clarity check in 2020 call the election’s trustworthiness into question?
Yet, that checkbox was nowhere to be found.

Dr Petsanis said: “Just the fact of someone wondering if he is positive for COVID is like having a stigma and something that is threatening his life… and that affects, of course, his behavior.” -World Health Organization .

UN has urged governments around the world (PDF) to take the mental health consequences seriously, and ensure widespread availability of mental health support.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a global public health emergency with multifaceted severe consequences for people’s lives and their mental health.

NIH: Stress resilience during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This article first came to life in October 2020.”