Ah, election 2024, the year of …smack the quack!

Waters may be murky, but one thing is crystal clear, while the obedient rubber ducks don their jackets and ties, Trump floats defiantly.

Trump indictments are the undeniable evidence that Trump is onto something, disrupting the scripted monologues of the political pond. Why else would they resort to silencing him through indictments? If he was spouting nonsense, they’d let him quack himself into irrelevance. It does not take an expert to see that, even me in my life as a regular citizen can see that.

And then there are the other presidential candidates quacking words devoid of authenticity and lacking the fiery passion that sets a true leader apart, they may look spiffy in their sartorial elegance, but don’t they sound like parrots?

Have you heard their speeches?

Each speech is a well-rehearsed echo of the last, ensuring the public votes not for a leader but for a glorified tape recorder.

I had to stop listening to podcasts where candidates like Viveki (remember him before he dropped out?) were invited to speak live, because every time I would gag. This happens with everyone and is beyond my control. Maybe it’s my intuition warning me that something nauseating is about to happen.

Trump’s ability to say what’s “really going on” at the White House has made him a marked duck. But he doesn’t swim in circles or quack the party line. And that’s precisely why he’s the odd duck that stands out in a pond full of political puppets.

Candidates are pledging to fix this and reform that, but hold on…how can they promise the moon when they haven’t even set foot in the Oval Office?

Let’s consider Trump, the only duck in the pond who’s been on both sides of the presidential desk. He’s been through the classified briefings, seen the nation’s secrets, and waded through the muck of the bureaucratic swamp. What he’s quacking about are not political slogans, they’re the unfiltered realities.

Meanwhile, our other feathered candidates are still in the shallow end. They talk of tax reform, education, and healthcare as if reciting lines from a Shakespearean drama, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. They’re not privy to the classified memos and cloak-and-dagger intricacies of the presidency. So, when they boast about their future feats, it’s nothing more than political theater, and they’re the unwitting actors.

You see, these ducks are quacking about problems they’ve only read about, much like a reporter editorializing the news. In this context, their promises are no different from the catchy jingles of a TV advertisement designed to capture your attention but utterly void of substance.

Is Trump’s Pond ready to wake up and heed his insider quacks? That remains to be seen. But one thing’s clear, while the other ducks are delivering well-crafted lines, Trump is doling out hard truths. And in a sea of scripted narratives, that’s something that should make even a rubber duck float upright.

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