• No More my Husband, My Wife

    No More my Husband, My Wife

    Time to put and end to the terms husband and wife in our legal system While we’re sensitive about pronouns and racial terms, we give…

  • Dollars Over Clean Air

    Dollars Over Clean Air

    #ArlingtonVA This is a classic case of development at what cost? It stinks to the high heaven! Air quality, noise pollution, you’d think these would…

  • Genome Blackmail

    Genome Blackmail

    A New Threat.There’s a new kingpin, and he’s after your genetic code. #AI Capone’s got nothing on this heist, your DNA’s the loot, and the…

  • Policy Sinkholes

    The only thing clear in all this Trump story is Trump, the master of chaos, has revealed a deliberate design flaw. #Trump #14th amendment #Washington…

  • Campaign Misinformation

    Campaign Misinformation

    Will the cost of counteracting these distortions fall on our shoulders as taxpayers or will the candidate bear the burden?

  • An Outdated Rulebook

    An Outdated Rulebook

    Big wigs, buckle shoes, and all. Imagine today’s leaders in big wigs and buckled shoes, strutting on the global stage. Ridiculous, right? Our clothes have…

  • Paradox of 2020

    Paradox of 2020

    Nearly half the country was in a mental fog. Should we reconsider the validity to the 2020 presidential vote?